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We are a Website Development firm based out of Verona, WI. Our mission is to provide accessible and user-friendly websites for our clients. Our approach is unique as we walk our clients through each part of the process and then teach them how to create and update their very own content.Alex Houghton with Jacqueline and their dog and cat

Owned by Alex Houghton, Mad City Coders, LCC brings 10+ years of experience in website development. Alex currently co-leads a team of developers for a large ecommerce business and brings that experience to the table when working with clients.

Utilizing the latest technologies and content management systems like WordPress, we are able to provide solutions that are both modern and secure. We handle everything from basic websites to full-blown financial database systems. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered. Contact us today and let us help you not only save money but build the best website or application your business deserves.

Why We Do This!

Mad City Coders, LLC exists for 3 purposes.

  • To help our clients have the best digital presence on the web for their business.
  • To help our clients get their time back so they can spend more time doing things they love.
  • To help support refugees in the Madison, WI area.

A portion of every dollar made goes to Open Doors for Refugees. When you choose us as your website developer partner, know you are helping to support the lives of refugees in Dane County.

We appreciate your business and partnership with us in these endeavors.

Mad City Coders

The work of Mad City Coders, LLC began in 2017 when Andrew Derse, its founder, moved to the Madison area and local businesses reached out for help. Mad City Coders, LLC is now owned and operated by Alex Houghton, a long-time coworker of Andrew. Since its opening, Mad City Coders has developed over 50 websites for small, medium, and large businesses.

We are looking forward to providing you with modern web solutions that are affordable, scalable, and built to meet all your needs.