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Checkered Flag Embroidery - Screenshot

Checkered Flag Embroidery

By Andrew Derse Aug 01, 2021 No Comments
Mad City Coders welcomes Checkered Flag Embroidery to the family. There's not always time to operate and maintain a website. We get it, 100%! Your…
Sauk City Catering

Sauk City Catering

By Andrew Derse Jul 14, 2021 No Comments
Here's the second website we launched this month. Sauk City Catering's beautiful, clean, and simple website highlighting their menu and services available. Meeting with Gani…
Letha Kelsey

Letha Kelsey

By Andrew Derse Jul 12, 2021 No Comments
This past month, we've re-designed and launched several new sites. To start with, we'll focus on Letha Kelsey's beautiful portfolio website. Letha Kelsey reach out…

Super Bowl Breakfast

By Andrew Derse Mar 24, 2021 No Comments
Updating websites can be a daunting task, especially when there's a major time crunch and your special event is about to launch now. Terry Bortz…
Trauma Free World - Screenshot

Trauma Free World – WordPress Integration with Brainier

By Andrew Derse Aug 01, 2020 No Comments
Integrating a WordPress site with a Learning Management System definitely has its challenges, but when you have great direction from a wonderful organization, the project…
Pletzer Insurance

Pletzer Insurance

By Andrew Derse Apr 21, 2020 No Comments
Creating a site from scratch can be intimidating. There's content to gather, logos to sketch, development resources to contract. When you partner with Mad City…
Bergman Steer Feeders - Screenshot

Bergman Steer Feeders

By Andrew Derse Mar 12, 2020 No Comments
Having a site that is mobile friendly and responsive is crucial these days. Jason Bergman from Bergman Cattle Feeders knew that, reached out to Mad…

Wisconsin Riverside Resort

By Andrew Derse Feb 08, 2020 No Comments
From beginning to end, this project has been fun. Wisconsin Riverside Resort reached out to Mad City Coders and requested help with updating their website,…

Center Stove & Fireplace

By Andrew Derse Nov 03, 2019 No Comments
This past year has been about converting sites into mobile first/ready sites. Center Stove & Fireplace reached out to Mad City Coders to help them…

Martinez and Ruby

By Andrew Derse Oct 27, 2019 No Comments
Ensuring your site is mobile indexed first and mobile responsive is a must in today's web world. Martinez and Ruby, LLP Attorneys at Law reached…
Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services

Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services

By Andrew Derse May 14, 2019 No Comments
Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services Cardo Gorsuch Legal Services (CGLS) reached out to us at Mad City Coders, LLC to help determine exactly what services CGLS…
DCS Performance

DCS Performance

By Andrew Derse Apr 15, 2019 No Comments
DCS Performance With the successful redesign of  Gawronski Signs' website, we were asked to move over their sister site: https://dcsperformance.net. Since the other site we…
Gawronski Signs

Gawronski Signs

By Andrew Derse Feb 15, 2019 No Comments
Gawronski Signs We redesigned the Gawronski Signs website early on in 2019 and the owners responded positively to the new design as well as the…

Heavy Timber Supplier

By Andrew Derse Nov 25, 2018 No Comments
Heavy Timber Supplier We launched the Narrows Creek Timber Frames website in 2017 and the owner Brook Severson has had huge success in attracting new…

Letter Board Planner

By Andrew Derse Nov 21, 2018 No Comments
Letter Board Planner A few days ago I was driving by Cornerstone Church in Reedsburg, WI when I saw the church had a double-sided letter…

Licthfeld Plumbing

By Andrew Derse Nov 17, 2018 No Comments
Licthfeld Plumbing Melanie Lichtfeld at Lichtfeld Plumbing has been one of our customers for a while now. She originally came to Mad City Coders, LLC…

Main Street Books

By Andrew Derse Nov 10, 2018 No Comments
Main Street Books Dana Westedt is the proud owner of Main Street Books in downtown Reedsburg, WI. Dana approached Mad City Coders, LLC looking for…
Waddell Wildlife Creations

Waddell Wildlife Creations

By Andrew Derse Sep 19, 2018 No Comments
Waddell Wildlife Creations Duane (Dewey) Waddell is a detailed and realistic artist using black and white to express underlying emotion in the eyes and the…

Welcoming Touch Ministries

By Andrew Derse Aug 15, 2018 No Comments
Welcoming Touch Ministries Welcoming Touch Ministries' mission is to develop a welcoming culture to solve the challenges that churches and religious organizations face when developing Christ-centered – personal…

Reedsburg ArtsLink – Site Redesign

By Andrew Derse Apr 16, 2018 No Comments
We have recently updated Reedsburg ArtsLink! Check it out!    

Narrows Creek Timber Frames

By Andrew Derse Mar 25, 2018 No Comments
Here is another beautiful website for Brook Severson of Sevco Construction. This time we are focusing on Timber Framing as Brook launches his own Timber Framing…

Schmucker Custom Cabinetry

By Andrew Derse Feb 13, 2018 No Comments
We were recently approached by Brook Severson of Sevco Construction to help build him a website that would display help his client have an online…

Jackson Bodywork

By Andrew Derse Feb 06, 2018
Jackson Bodyworks Massage Therapy is a local business offering HUGE services for Massage and Spa related services. We were approached by Stacy Jackson to help her…

Apogee Plastics

By Andrew Derse Sep 28, 2017
Launching a website for your business doesn't have to be a slow or mentally taxing process. Take Apogee Plastics for example. We were approached by…

Able Trek Tours

By Andrew Derse Aug 25, 2017 No Comments
We have recently updated Able Trek Tours homepage! Check it out!     -- Previous Content -- Don Douglas, Owner of Able Trek Tours, approached…

Likwindla Investment Club

By Andrew Derse Aug 25, 2017 No Comments
There exists a website where people can exchange services amongst each other. A 'you-help-me, I-help-you' system that we really love. It's called Simbi. We posted…

Baraboo Ambulance EMS

By Andrew Derse Aug 25, 2017 No Comments
When our business launched in April of 2017, we started promoting our services by offering a 25% discount for any web project to the first…