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Checkered Flag Embroidery - Screenshot

Checkered Flag Embroidery

Mad City Coders welcomes Checkered Flag Embroidery to the family.

There's not always time to operate and maintain a website. We get it, 100%! Your customers need your attention and most often websites are an afterthought or something that is very low on the priority list.

When we reached out to Checkered Flag Embroidery to see if there was any way to help, Tim and Brenda were quick to jump on board and allow us to help them with their website maintenance. This will allow them time to focus more on their business and customers and also give their website the attention needed to keep it secure and operating smoothly.

Check out their website here, and go BEAVERS!

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Sauk City Catering

Sauk City Catering

Here's the second website we launched this month. Sauk City Catering's beautiful, clean, and simple website highlighting their menu and services available.

Meeting with Gani was a pleasure. I could tell right from the start that Gani had big dreams for his business and needed to have his website up and running "yesterday". A quick meeting where he laid out his desires was enough for us to get on the same page and map out the next few days worth of work required to bring this website to life.

Now Gani is off and racing with his new business, and website, and serving the surrounding counties with his excellent catering service.

Please check out his website here: Sauk City Catering

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Letha Kelsey

Letha Kelsey

This past month, we've re-designed and launched several new sites. To start with, we'll focus on Letha Kelsey's beautiful portfolio website.

Letha Kelsey reach out to Mad City Coders to see if we could assist with an updated version and look to her website. The old website was great, but had a few pages that no longer worked and it was not backed by an SSL certificate.

With great collaboration and excellent artwork to work with, we were able to build this beautiful website for Letha to proudly showcase her amazing artwork.

Please check out their site here: Letha Kelsey

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Super Bowl Breakfast

Updating websites can be a daunting task, especially when there's a major time crunch and your special event is about to launch now.

Terry Bortz of Atheletes in Action reached out to us after being recommended by Jared Meidal of Back2Back Ministries and Trauma Free World. Terry was looking for someone to help her quickly make a few minor adjustments before the Super Bowl Breakfast event took place and we had just what she needed to get the job done.

Through the careful planning on designing, we were able to get her site up to date with those changes a few weeks in advance of the event.
We were so thankful to work with the excellent staff of Athelets in Action and look forward to our continued partnership with them.

Please check out their site here: Super Bowl Breakfast

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Trauma Free World - Screenshot

Trauma Free World – WordPress Integration with Brainier

Integrating a WordPress site with a Learning Management System definitely has its challenges, but when you have great direction from a wonderful organization, the project seems like a breeze!

For the past 3-4 months, Mad City Coders has partnered with Back2Back Ministries to provide consulting services for their website projects. The goal, connect a WordPress E-Commerce site leveraging WooCommerce, with a Learning Management Site (LMS) leveraging Brainier.

Through the direction of Jared Meidal we slowly stitched together a few plugins that mapped the user's purchases from the Trauma Free World (TFW) website with a learning module on the LMS system. We've added in functionality such as:

  • Manual bulk upload of users
  • Auto bulk upload of users via cron + url
  • Manual bulk module assignment
  • Auto bulk assignment of users via cron + url
  • Cross-site data sync - to keep data consistent between the two sites
  • Admin control panel within the Trauma Free World site

If you're faced with a complicated project that has custom integrations with web APIs, we're here to help.
If you are interested in learning more about Trauma Free World, please visit their site, here: Trauma Free World

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Pletzer Insurance

Pletzer Insurance

Creating a site from scratch can be intimidating. There's content to gather, logos to sketch, development resources to contract. When you partner with Mad City Coders, we take the intimidation out of the development process and provide fast, inexpensive solutions to fit all of your business web needs.

When Pletzer Insurance needed to launch their first website, there was no hesitation in reaching out to Mad City Coders as their source for providing excellent website services. Mad City Coders once again had the privilege of working with Mackenzie Price after completing the Wisconsin Riverside Resort project.

Pletzer Insurance has operated since 1962 and has just launched their website to start showcasing the services they bring to their community.
With this site, we were able to design a new, fresh logo along with a beautiful and simple site that communicates the mission of the company.

Check out their website today and let us know what you think!

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Bergman Steer Feeders - Screenshot

Bergman Steer Feeders

Having a site that is mobile friendly and responsive is crucial these days.

Jason Bergman from Bergman Cattle Feeders knew that, reached out to Mad City Coders, and requested help with updating their existing website.
We added bold colors that captures your attention and brought out the details Jason desired his customers to see.
We also secured their site with an SSL certificate and added a Contact Us form so their clients could get ahold of them.
These to be crucial elements to any modern site and it is rewarding to know the Bergman Steer Feeder website is now responsive and secure.

Check out their website today and let us know what you think!

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Wisconsin Riverside Resort

From beginning to end, this project has been fun.

Wisconsin Riverside Resort reached out to Mad City Coders and requested help with updating their website, while making it responsive and refreshing the look. We redesigned their site from the ground up to make it mobile responsive and very attractive to their clients.

Stop on by there website today and let us know what you think!

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Center Stove & Fireplace

This past year has been about converting sites into mobile first/ready sites.

Center Stove & Fireplace reached out to Mad City Coders to help them update their website, while making it responsive. We redesigned their site from the ground up to make it mobile responsive and very attractive to their clients.

Stop on by there website today and let us know what you think!

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Martinez and Ruby

Ensuring your site is mobile indexed first and mobile responsive is a must in today's web world.

Martinez and Ruby, LLP Attorneys at Law reached out to Mad City Coders to help them achieve these two goals. While we not only made their website mobile responsive, we re-designed their site from the ground up and gave it a brand new look and feel. We wanted to build a site that would make them proud to share with their current clients as well as help attract new clients.

Stop on by there website today and let us know what you think!

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