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Schmucker Custom Cabinetry

We were recently approached by Brook Severson of Sevco Construction to help build him a website that would display help his client have an online presence for his business. When he presented a few brochures and pictures to us, we couldn't wait to get started on this project.

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Jackson Bodywork

Jackson Bodyworks Massage Therapy is a local business offering HUGE services for Massage and Spa related services. We were approached by Stacy Jackson to help her give her business that crucial online presence she needed and this was the result.

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Apogee Plastics

Launching a website for your business doesn’t have to be a slow or mentally taxing process. Take Apogee Plastics for example. We were approached by Apogee Plastic’s Owner who was looking for a website presence that quickly displayed what her company could do. She expressed that it didn’t have to be something fancy or elaborate, just simple, clean, and informational.

Though we are still working with Alison on the final content of the site, we have released it a while ago to help her gain the web presence she is looking for. Check it out!

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Able Trek Tours

We have recently updated Able Trek Tours homepage! Check it out!



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Don Douglas, Owner of Able Trek Tours, approached us for help with his website's SEO. In working with Don we found that his current hosting provider was not allowing him to update his website, the plugins within his website, and back up his site.  This also prevented us from adding any much needed analytic tools to help us discover how the site was doing.

While we took a step back to wait for his hosting provider to provide us with the solutions we needed in order to ensure his site had the capabilities it needed, his site got hacked by someone in India. This marked the fourth site website I've seen hacked in 2017. Two Joomla websites and two WordPress websites. All due to outdated plugins and platforms.

When Don called to tell me his site was hacked, we raced in to move everything we could over to our hosting provider at SiteGround. We created a brand new site for Don and tried to keep the same look and feel the old site had, with a little bit of a modern twist. After spending a few days rebuilding the site, we were ready to launch and get back to business.

The next leg of the journey is to help boost the SEO ratings within all of the major search engines. It's been a pleasure to work with Don so far and we look forward our continued partnership.

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Likwindla Investment Club

There exists a website where people can exchange services amongst each other. A ‘you-help-me, I-help-you’ system that we really love. It’s called Simbi.

We posted a service for WordPress Website Development on Friday night of August 17th, 2017 and were hit up right away to help Itumeleng Senekane create an online presence for a Women’s Only Investment Club she was creating. She was struggling to find competent developers and designers that could follow through on her vision.

That night, we presented a design to her and she loved it and wanted to hire us to make her dreams come true with this site.

Less than 3 days later we completed this website ( minus the mobile responsive aspect of it ) and she was delighted.

She is now able to start her investment club and help women in South Africa learn how to invest money and reach their financial goals.

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Baraboo Ambulance EMS

When our business launched in April of 2017, we started promoting our services by offering a 25% discount for any web project to the first 2 people who signed contracts. That night we had our first request from Amos Vande Hei asking if we worked with Joomla sites at all.

Having several years of experience of developing within Joomla we continued the conversations and discovered that his current developer had passed away and they were in a rock and a hard place in getting their website refreshed and brought into the 'modern' look and feel that most sites have now.

We walked with Amos through an initial design and planning of a new website and quickly popped out this site for them. It took a while to get it approved and verbiage just right, but here were are with a very solid version 2 of the BDEMS website.



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