Trauma Free World – WordPress Integration with Brainier

Integrating a WordPress site with a Learning Management System definitely has its challenges, but when you have great direction from a wonderful organization, the project seems like a breeze!

For the past 3-4 months, Mad City Coders has partnered with Back2Back Ministries to provide consulting services for their website projects. The goal, connect a WordPress E-Commerce site leveraging WooCommerce, with a Learning Management Site (LMS) leveraging Brainier.

Through the direction of Jared Meidal we slowly stitched together a few plugins that mapped the user's purchases from the Trauma Free World (TFW) website with a learning module on the LMS system. We've added in functionality such as:

  • Manual bulk upload of users
  • Auto bulk upload of users via cron + url
  • Manual bulk module assignment
  • Auto bulk assignment of users via cron + url
  • Cross-site data sync - to keep data consistent between the two sites
  • Admin control panel within the Trauma Free World site

If you're faced with a complicated project that has custom integrations with web APIs, we're here to help.
If you are interested in learning more about Trauma Free World, please visit their site, here: Trauma Free World